Trends fade. Accountability is forever

Consumers demand accountability from brands. Brands demand accountability from suppliers. ettos is here to facilitate transparency and change. Start building digital product passports for textiles with ettos!

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Features & Benefits

Build Brand Trust

Showing transparency across the entire supply chain meets consumer demand for honesty

Digital Product Passports

Create and manage Digital Product Passports for textiles to comply with incoming regulations and engage with consumers

Simplify Complex Data

Previously siloed and fragmented data is stored in one easy-to-use web app and dashboard showing ‘one source of truth’

Real Time Claim Tracking

Track environmental and ethical claims in real time and substantiate evidence across the entire supply chain.

Better Together

Connect to suppliers and work together with your network to validate product origin and green claims efficiently.

Unlock Insights

Generate traceability insights across the portfolio and visualise your journey to full transparency.

Our platform

Every. Detail. Considered.

We are here to facilitate transparency across the world, across the whole clothing sector and its supply chain. Our easy-to-use and innovative SaaS platform is here to challenge the status quo. ettos is changing the approach to garment sourcing and the narrative that surrounds it. Our platform gathers data and informs insight by bringing all partners together from across your supply chain to evidence and validate product claims.

Brands and suppliers can work together with collective responsibility, to gain eyes across the full chain of custody and create digital product passports for textiles. Connect with your suppliers online and easily monitor ESG claims with access to real-time traceability data and accurate compliance profiles. By bringing all parties together, our platform gives one source of truth to everyone involved, making staying organised simple.

With growing calls for legislation around supply chain traceability and digital product passports in fashion, ettos is the answer for brands who are looking to stay ahead of the curve. Our platform provides brands with the tools that they need to support a successful sustainable sourcing strategy.

Our Mission

Simplify Sustainable Sourcing.

Our purpose is to create useful tools for fashion brands to build trust, operate transparently and simplify sustainable sourcing.

The five pillars that guide and define us:


Unlock powerful storytelling.

Take consumers on an interactive journey into the life of your products through the creation of digital product passports.


Digital Chain of Custody.

Map your supply chain and trace product origins from fibre to finished good.


Avoid Greenwashing.

De-risk sustainability claims and have confidence that claims are backed by evidence.


Real Time Insights.

Drive continuous sustainability improvements through access to real-time data and transparency insights.


One Source of Truth.

Stay organised and in control by managing ESG claims, supplier certifications and material compliance in one place.

Our Story

In 2019, Adriana and Gianni started a fashion-forward venture with a focus on eco-conscious garment manufacturing. Their ground-breaking app, Lyfcycle, allowed brands like Skopes and Arco to track products from fibre to store and share the journey with their consumers. By promoting transparency and sustainability, we believe that we can drive positive change in the fashion industry. The growing demand from consumers for ethical and sustainable clothing has pushed brands to pursue more sustainable sourcing strategies, but brands still lack the practical tools to implement these successfully.

The success and recognition of the Lyfcycle app, coupled with increasing calls from regulators to expand legislation around supply chain traceability and digital product passports, pushed us to expand the functionality of our platform. Our new platform would be a comprehensive traceability system and accessible to every clothing brand in the world. This vision led to the birth of “ettos” in 2023, a powerful digital platform facilitating the entire garment manufacturing process with real-time data, evidence for environmental and ethical claims and creation of digital product passports.

Ettos founders Gianni Romano & Adriana

Supply Chain Traceability Self-Assessment

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