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Exhibiting as a Traceability Software Provider at Fashion Trade Shows

Here at ettos, we have recently been provided with the distinct privilege of attending the leading fashion trade shows, Premiere Vision Paris and Source Fashion London. Our presence at these events provided unique insights into the pulse of the industry, affirming the growing interest in traceability software. This blog delves into the key takeaways from these experiences, shedding light on the industry’s growing enthusiasm for technology that fosters both transparency and traceability.

Traceability software ettos has a stand at PV

Premiere Vision Paris

Premiere Vision Paris, a renowned fashion trade show, proved to be an exhilarating platform for ettos. Our stand nestled at the heart of the Smart Creation area, allowed us to engage with industry peers, stakeholders, and curious attendees. What emerged from our interactions was a clear understanding of the industry’s acknowledgment of the pivotal role traceability software plays in shaping consumer choices. Important insights from Premiere Vision included the significance of sustainable textile certifications in combating greenwashing, as highlighted by ECOCERT Group. As well as our vision of collaborative efforts between brands and suppliers for enhanced transparency being reinforced by Fairly MadeĀ®. The event, overall, underscored the industry’s increasing commitment to traceability and transparency.

traceability software ettos has a stand at Source London

Source Fashion London

Beyond the interest in ettos, (as the only traceability software provider at the event!) Source Fashion London provided a unique networking opportunity, allowing us to discover the innovative ways other businesses incorporate sustainability. Transparency emerged as a central theme in conversations, echoed by Jack Stratten from Insider Trends in his insightful talk on ‘Sourcing and Storytelling.’ This reinforced our belief that transparency and traceability are not only buzzwords but catalysts for a more sustainable fashion industry.

traceability software ettos at PV

In Conclusion

The dual experiences at Premiere Vision Paris and Source Fashion London unveiled a profound resonance within the fashion industry for traceability solutions. The interest and engagement witnessed at these trade shows reaffirm the collective commitment of stakeholders, brands, and retailers toward a more transparent and accountable fashion industry. As we reflect on these insights, it propels us at ettos to continue redefining the dynamics of sustainable fashion through traceability.

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