Supply Chain Traceability Self-Assessment

supply chain traceability self-assessment
Consumers are becoming more informed, regulations are tightening, and the push for ethical and sustainable practices is stronger than ever with particular emphasis on supply chain traceability. Understanding your brand’s current position in this landscape is the first step towards achieving a transparent supply chain.
This assessment, designed by Ettos, is tailored to provide brands with insights into their supply chain traceability practices across their supply chain. By gauging your current strategies, tools, and commitments, we aim to highlight strengths, identify potential gaps, and offer insights.
As you navigate through the questions, we encourage honesty and reflection. The more accurate your answers, the better we can assist you in your traceability journey. At the end of the assessment, you’ll receive feedback and suggestions tailored to your brand’s unique position and needs.

Traceability Self-Assessment for Fashion Brands

Take our Brand Self-Assessment Quiz to evaluate your supply chain's traceability. Step towards sustainable and ethical practices now!

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Do you have visibility into every tier of your supplier network?

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Do you maintain a centralised, up-to-date database of all these suppliers?

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Which methods are employed to collect traceability data from your suppliers? (Select all applicable)

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How do you ensure the accuracy and reliability of the traceability data collected?

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How equipped is your team to handle traceability data?

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How often is your traceability data updated across your entire supply chain?

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Do you require your suppliers to adhere to specific ethical and labor standards?

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How do you monitor and ensure the environmental sustainability of processes across your supply chain?

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Do you publish an open list of tier 1 or tier 2 suppliers online?

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How do you communicate traceability and supply chain information to consumers? (Multiple selections allowed)

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How would you describe your brand's commitment to enhancing traceability in the next 1-2 years?

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Which of the following challenges do you anticipate in enhancing traceability over the next few years? (Multiple selections allowed)

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