Journey of ettos

Driving Traceability in Fashion: The Journey of ettos from Lyfcycle

In 2019, driven by a determination to make a positive impact on the industry along with a deep-rooted history in fashion, Adriana and I founded Lyfcycle, a fashion-forward venture with a focus on eco-conscious garment sourcing. We began with a mission to revolutionise the clothing manufacturing industry by pushing digital innovation and sustainability to the forefront of everything we do, and we have taken that same energy with us as we stand on the cusp of a new chapter. We are proud to introduce you to our latest endeavour, ettos —a comprehensive digital platform designed to enhance transparency and foster trust within fashion supply chains.

The Birth of Lyfcycle:

Lyfcycle emerged from a desire to be more than just another garment manufacturer. We saw an opportunity to champion eco-conscious practices and bring about a much-needed transformation within the industry. Since our inception, digital disruption has been part of our DNA. We started our journey with the creation of the Lyfcycle app, which aimed to help brands track products from fibre to store, whilst sharing the journey with their customers and promoting transparency within fashion.
Through the Lyfcycle app, our partner brands could print unique QR codes on their garments, scannable by consumers at the point of sale to offer complete visibility to shoppers as to where their clothes came from. Through collaborating with brands like Skopes and Arco , we quickly realized the immense potential of technology in shaping the future of transparent supply chains. But despite the potential, we also knew that our platform still had its limitations.

Our Learnings:

The more we used our platform, the more we realised that a more comprehensive digital solution would be required to support brands journeys towards 100% supply chain transparency. Through our first two iterations of the Lyfcycle platform, we learned a lot. Some of the principal lessons we learned.

  1. Trying to trace, map and record dynamic supply chains even for a small collection of products is extremely challenging. Trying to do this across a larger product portfolio is impossible. A more advanced technological solution would be required.
  2. Environmental & Ethical claim certification chains and processes are complex. A digital system is required to track ESG claims and record evidence against those claims. This is particularly important when considering the current regulatory landscape & new legislations surrounding making green claims.
  3. Brands can’t do it alone. It’s too much work for a brand to attempt to track all of this information themselves. A successful strategy will require a joint-up approach, with all parties in the supply network working towards the same goal.

These learnings would shape the vision for our new platform… ettos was born.

ettos : The Power of Traceability:

The development of our fashion traceability platform came with a clear purpose — to empower clothing brands and suppliers to collaborate seamlessly and showcase their ethical and environmental practices. ettos emerged as a digital hub, capable of tracking every step of the garment manufacturing process, from the origin of fibres to the finished product. The culmination of data, certifications, and order-level evidence in one user-friendly dashboard ensured supply chain transparency like never before.

Our journey towards realising this vision was an exhilarating challenge, and it was made possible through a transformative collaboration with Morrow. Several years ago, we discovered Morrow when we built the first version of the Lyfcycle app, and they quickly stood out due to their unwavering commitment to customer service, technical expertise, and genuine dedication to understanding and executing our vision.

The team at Morrow brought not only our concept to life but elevated it to new heights. Their creativity and dedication ensured that every detail of ettos was meticulously crafted, resulting in a product that exceeded our wildest expectations. Together, we’ve not only created a comprehensive SaaS product, but a game-changing solution that has the potential to make a lasting impact in fashion supply chains.

Empowering a Transparent Future:

As we stand here in 2023, with ettos ready to redefine transparency in the fashion industry, we reflect on our journey from Lyfcycle to this transformative moment. ettos isn’t just an evolution; it’s a revolution. It’s a testament to our unwavering commitment to sustainability, ethics, and innovation.
Our story is entwined with the narrative of an industry striving for positive change. With the recent European Commission announcement on Digital Product Passports for textiles , ettos is uniquely poised to bridge the gap between regulations and consumer trust. By enabling consumers to access Digital Product Passports through a simple scan of a QR code, ettos propels us further towards a future where transparency isn’t just a buzzword, but a tangible reality.
As founders, we invite you to join us on this remarkable journey. Together, we can reshape the fashion industry—one garment, one QR code, and one step towards transparency at a time.

Contact ettos today to revolutionize your fashion brand’s transparency journey.

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