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Top Five Fashion Supply Chain Traceability Software in 2024

In the dynamic landscape of the fashion industry, the pursuit of sustainability has become more critical than ever. As consumers demand transparency and authenticity, fashion brands are leveraging technology to enhance traceability across their supply chains. Here, we present a guide to the top five fashion supply chain traceability software in 2024, each contributing various unique features to elevate your brands sustainability efforts.

1. TrusTrace:

TrusTrace Traceability Software

TrusTrace stands as the leading platform for traceability and compliance data management, specialising in high-volume footwear and textile value chains. This Swedish-born SaaS solution standardises how supply chain and material traceability data are captured, digitised, and shared, emphasising high-risk commodities and production facilities.

Key Features:

  • Trusted by 50+ global brands, including adidas and Brooks Running.
  • Maximises impact with a focus on high-volume products, recording millions of tracing requests monthly.
  • Comprehensive traceability from fibre to garment, covering production facilities, certifications, and sustainability labels.
  • Configurable for multiple use cases, with an ultra-large fashion brand user base recording millions of transactions per month.
  • ISO 27001 certified for information security practices.

2. TextileGenesis:

TextileGenesis Traceability Software

Addressing the notorious fragmentation of the apparel supply chain, TextileGenesis provides a blockchain-powered SaaS platform. This facilitates fully digital mapping of textiles, ensuring reliable and secure traceability from fibre to consumer, with a special focus on sustainably produced raw materials.

Key Features:

  • Uses Fibercoins for traceability, especially for sustainable fibres like wool-based and premium cotton.
  • Blockchain-based architecture ensures scalability and warrants against double spending.
  • Provides a chain of custody for raw materials/fibres throughout the entire value chain, including forensic audit results.
  • Offers real-time data from different stakeholders, fostering transparency and reliability.
  • More than 1500 suppliers and 50+ brands in the textile/fashion industry use TextileGenesis for sustainable sourcing.

3. ettos:

ettos Traceability Software

ettos, headquartered in Nottingham, UK, offers a comprehensive SaaS platform aimed at revolutionising transparency and trust within the fashion supply chain. The platform enables brands to create QR-coded digital product passports, allowing customers to trace the entire lifecycle of their clothing.

Key Features:

  • Digital Product Passports using QR codes for traceability from supply chain to consumer-friendly overviews.
  • Real Time Evidence Chain to track and monitor batch level green claims through the industry’s most prominent standards and certifications.
  • Easy connection of external data apps for streamlined processing of product information.
  • Transparency Insights for visualising the journey to full supply chain transparency.
  • Advanced Notification Systems for task management within the system.
  • Scalable, forward-thinking B2B SaaS platform with a strong focus on data security.

4. tex.tracer:

tex.tracer Traceability Software

tex.tracer is a supply chain traceability software designed to provide brand owners and retailers with actionable insights. With a simple QR code scan, consumers can trace a garment’s history. The platform utilises blockchain technology to offer verified insights, empowering the fashion industry to make informed decisions.

Key Features:

  • Enables brand owners to report insights to stakeholders with a click of a button.
  • Allows consumers to trace garment history through QR code scanning.
  • Utilises data submitted by supply chain partners, vetted by peers.
  • Blockchain-powered platform for verified and transparent information.
  • Facilitates educated decision-making within the fashion industry.

5. FibreTrace:

FibreTrace Traceability Software

FibreTrace® is a cloud-based SAAS platform that traces and verifies fibres throughout the textile supply chain. With products like FibreTrace® Mapped and FibreTrace® Verified, it provides transparency through a digital chain of custody, using blockchain technology to record regulatory compliance.

Key Features:

  • FibreTrace® Mapped offers a free digital solution showcasing transparency through a chain of custody.
  • FibreTrace® Verified adds physical scanners for irrefutable farm-to-store fibre traceability.
  • Enables supply chains to achieve regulatory compliance.
  • Empowers end customers to make guilt-free fashion choices.
  • Utilises blockchain for secure and transparent traceability.

As sustainability takes centre stage in the fashion industry, the adoption of traceability software becomes imperative. Each of these top five fashion traceability software options brings a unique set of features, catering to diverse needs within the industry. The key takeaway is clear: fashion brands should embrace traceability software to not only meet regulatory requirements but also to build consumer trust and elevate their sustainability efforts. The path to a more transparent and sustainable fashion future begins with the right traceability solution.

Explore the power of traceability software with ettos and shape the future of fashion – one data point at a time.

ettos Traceability Software

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